7 Best Perfume Hacks Of All Time
March 9th, 2021

7 Best Perfume Hacks Of All Time

Here they are, the best perfume hacks of all time so you can get the most out of any perfume. 

1. Spray underwear and bra with perfume

This is a little known hack to be used only in ... certain situations where you know you'll be taking your clothes off. Come on, we're all adults here, you know what I'm talking about. Date night? Spray your knickers and bra. 

2. Spray perfume in hair or hairbrush

Perfume contains alcohol so can be drying to hair but if you spray your hair brush with it and brush through, it will lightly scent hair without damaging it too much. And then flick hair around ladies, flick flick. 

3. Layer fragrances with others to get a unique scent

This works particularly well with our fragrances - layer Stardust with Call Me Venus, and Sun-Kissed with Joyeux. Heck throw some other fragrances in there. Just remember opposites attract, so floral + woody is good, or citrus + floral for example. 

4. Apply perfume after using body oil

Dry skin doesn't hold fragrance as well as oily skin does, so layer with body oil first and then spray. If you have a matching body oil (like we do in our ranges), use those! Even better for more lasting power! Otherwise use an unscented body oil. 

5. Don't mist

Remember that craze where we all sprayed perfume into the air and walked through it? Don't do that, you're wasting fragrance. Spray directly onto skin. If you want to also spray clothes, go for it. 

6. Don't rub wrists together

The biggest myth of all! Never spray on wrists and then rub together, you're breaking down scent molecules and most importantly those top notes you love. Want it to dry quicker? Wave your hands the air like you just don't care. 

7. Apply on pulse points

This will warm up the fragrance and carry it around your body. Spray on wrists, throat, your heart chakra, behind ears, below navel and behind knees. 


Photo: Pinterest. Bridgette Bardot shows us how it's done

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