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I never really believed an online quiz could recommend me a wonderful fragrance but Stardust is a magical, long lasting, heavenly scent that makes me happy whenever I get a hint of throughout my day. Still beautiful after wearing it for 12+ hours!

At night we dance

Beautiful, musky-scent, love it!


Just a beautiful fragrance… also ordered joyeux
One for night and one for day. Love them all.

Just divine

This perfume is heavenly . Such a smooth fragrance .

I love them!

I absolutely love my sample set. I love mixing the different sprays to suit my mood and they're easy to take in my handbag. I've already bought a bigger bottle of At night we dance!

Beautiful set

These perfumes are lovely. They are all different but pleasant smelling. Highly recommend buying a sample set to find your new fragrance, or two....

Jacky kljucevic

Love being able to try different scents that I normally wouldn’t select. Wearing scent for a number of days before trying helps to understand what reacts the best for you. Looking forward to buying Starburst in full size soon!

like a gift from the stars

Great perfume, i added to my collection of recreation perfumes (i have 4 now!). i get loads of compliments on all of them!

Love this

I got the sample set from my awesome daughter at Christmas time! I love joyeux, so bought the full version. It’s quite strong so you only need a little, but it doesn’t give me a headache like other perfumes can. I love the fact they are ‘clean’. Whilst fairly strong, it’s still a light floral. I also love ‘at night we dance’ and ‘this love of mine’ so it was a tough choice! Definitely don’t spray near your neck though, as the scent can be a little overpowering at first. Not so keen on the other three in the set, that’s just my personal preference.

Beautiful fragrance

I love this fragrance and the fact I have a smaller one for my hand bag! Love ❤️

I loved this one, and got a hint of coconut as well. .

My only sadness is that my body reacts to everything, and while I adore this fragrance, it didn't like me so much. I will persevere though, just in case it is something else that I reacted to.

Sample perfume

Love them
Which one to buy in large

How do I choose just one?!

I had read the reviews and thought these perfumes sounded pretty great. It’s tricky buying perfume online though, especially without having tried it previously. The sample set is a great way to try these perfumes out. You won’t regret it!! The biggest challenge is deciding which one to buy in a larger size. They are all devine!

Perfect gift for a friend

I gave this to a friend for her birthday & she absolutely loved it 😍honestly who wouldn’t love the chance to pick their own perfume.
My favourites are Joyeux & This Love of Mine

What a gorgeous gift for your friend! xxx

Nadine B
I’m wrapped!

RB beautifully gift wrap their products giving them an extra special touch for gifting giving to fiends & family, or even to yourself!

At Night We Dance parfum

I was so excited to receive At night we dance and it was even more beautiful than I imagined!
I love how the scent lingers on your skin long after you use it. I’m so happy I purchased it


Purchased for myself again and also for my mum for mother’s day! I love that it’s a natural product! My mum loved it!

Lovely perfume

This is a very floral perfume. It’s nice in small sprays

Karen Ferguson
Good quality

Very easy to use and great quality..

Stunning sexy scent

I adore this “At Night We Dance” definitely a delicious sexy scent that is head turning and classy similar to “Autumn Vibes” it has my senses totally captured.

Sylvia Maricic
Not sure about the rollerball

I love the smell of sun kissed but I haven’t been able to use it properly since I have received it. I find the rollerball is stuck or it seems to get stuck. Just haven’t had a chance to follow this up with Recreation.

Hi Sylvia! The rollerball sometimes gets stuck, to fix it, please pop out (use tweezers and squeeze the black bit) then wipe the ball with a clean dry cloth like a tea towel. Put it back in and it should work perfectly xxx

Love It!!!

I love "Call Me Venus". The rollerball is very convenient as I keep it in my handbag. I find the scent lingers for quite sometime and is just beautiful without being too over powering. I also purchased the sample pack and and the scents are all very lovely. I have to say that, Call Me Venus and At Night We Dance are my favourites. These perfumes have to be some of the best natural perfumes I have tried. I am very impressed and will be back for more!!

Would love a body cream in this.

Test products
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Love it!

It is one of my favouites now!

Test products
Keyz Keyz
Good Good !