Unisex Musk Perfume

Discover our signature scent At Night We Dance. A warm, spicy, musky perfume with soft overtones, AT NIGHT WE DANCE is alluring and sensual.

With notes of magnolia, vetiver and Brazilian Orange, this musky perfume for women and men, AT NIGHT WE DANCE is the sultry scent you have been looking for. And 100% non-toxic and vegan.

The warm embrace of floral spice is inspired by balmy summer eves, sunset cocktails, whispered secrets in dark corners of the bar, warm bodies meshing together on a dance floor, solo drinks on the barstool, high heels and statement jewellery, deep tunes as the sun goes down, stolen glances, an impromptu late night swim, gleaming skin, heels in hand, flicky hair and lots of laughter.

This musky spiced collection is perfect for any occasion, whether you're attending a glamorous event or having a night in on your own. Its sensual and captivating perfume leaves a lasting impression, making it your go-to scent for moments when you want to feel confident and alluring.

Musk Perfume with a Woody Fragrance

Explore the captivating allure of our musk unisex perfume, with a spiced heart that gives you an unforgettable experience for the senses. Let the fragrance envelop you, transporting you to a world of intrigue and sensuality.

AT NIGHT WE DANCE is a unisex scent and both men and women wear the perfume and love it. Discover the power of clean fragrance and treat yourself to this musky spice perfume today.

Woody Perfumes and Fragrances for Her

Here at Recreation Beauty, we believe in harnessing the power of nature to create our fragrances. The ingredients in At Night We Dance are carefully sourced from around the world, chosen for their exceptional quality and aromatic impact.

This is a true testament to the artistry and passion that goes into each of our formulations. Our signature fragrance combines the richness of musk with an exquisite blend of woody and herbal spices, resulting in a scent that is irresistibly sophisticated and deeply sensual.

Ethically Crafted Musk Unisex Perfume

We are committed to providing ethically conscious beauty options. At Night We Dance is not only a testament to our dedication to natural ingredients, but also to our vegan and cruelty-free values and sustainable core.

You can indulge in the beauty of this musky spice perfume, knowing that your purchase has supported cosmetic processes that are kind and gentle to the planet, animals and your health.

Discover Spicy Unisex Perfumes with a Woody Fragrance

Recreation Beauty is a clean natural perfume house nestled in the heart of Sydney's Bondi Beach. We take pride in offering a collection of non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free fragrances that will transport you to a world of sensory enchantment.

Browse our gorgeous range of woody spicy womenโ€™s perfume today. For further information about our range, get in touch with us today.


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