$96,000 Birkenstocks
February 17th, 2021

$96,000 Birkenstocks

Yes it's true. 

Birkenstocks made out of old Hermes bags. I'm imagining this is something along the lines of how the meeting went when they came up with this. 


Boss: We need an idea. A fucking big idea.

Marketing hack 1: Sure an idea! I've got ideas! 

Marketing hack 2: I've been thinking about this for a while but it's pretty out there. 

Boss: Let's hear it! 

Marketing hack 2: It's crazy, are you ready for it? 

Boss: I've been ready for 10 years to hear anything remotely new. Out with it.

Marketing hack 1: It can't be that good. 

Marketing hack 2: Oh it's FUCKING GREAT. So you know how Hermes has Birkin bags? We'll get old Birkin bags and make them into BIRKENSTOCKS! Geddit? Birkin - Birkenstocks. 

Boss: Well that's a fucking great idea. Especially cause we can sell them for almost a hundred grand. 

Marketing hack 1: Now THAT'S crazy. 

Boss: They don't pay me the big bucks for nothing. 


I don't know guys ... $96,000 fugly shoes? That's world-gone-crazy stuff to me. How 'bout you? Anyone here want some 96 grand Birkies? Of course, Kylie Jenner got a pair for free. 

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