Best beach coverups
January 21st, 2020

Best beach coverups

It seems there's a bit of a divide in the area of beach coverups. You're either a shirt girl or a sarong girl. And then there are the towel girls. 

Personally, I'm a shorts or skirt girl. I'm okay with walking to the shop showing my top half in swimmers, but def not the bottom half. 

Which camp are you in? 

Man-style shirt

If you haven't yet jumped on this bandwagon, allow us to introduce you to the man-style shirt. A cover-up so chic that when paired with an oversized hat and sunglasses, nobody will notice your sweaty, sun-screened face. Bonus points for big earring. The shirt has to be made in a lightweight cotton (for breathability) and not too tight (hence the men's shape). It looks way cooler than a double knotted sarong twisted up around your waist and choking your neck. Take it from model Elyse Taylor, who says she "lives in men's shirts all summer". When that hot chip/slurpee/Gaytime craving strikes, pop your shirt on and revel in the sleek simplicity. Our favourite colour is white or a faded blue and white stripe.\

The Sarong

If you are one of the elite who has deciphered how to flatteringly tie a sarong, more power to you. It can look good - if there's not too much fabric. If you don't try a tricky tie. If the weird printed pattern that looked good when you bought it on a Bali beach goes with the colours on your current swimsuit. Otherwise, no, it doesn't look good. Allow us to be the first to tell you. Kathleen, below, is clearly one of the elite. 

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Popping the item of clothing on that you wore to the beach in the first place has its pros and cons. Pros - you have something to wear and it will look good while you go to the shop with either a bikini top or full piece. Cons - it will get wet and you'll walk around with saggy, wet bottom when you leave the beach. The best way to pull this off is to either make sure you're dry before putting shorts on, or pulling off wet swimmers. 

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The dress is tricky because the wet-boobs look has never been chic, and I don't think it ever will be. Get around it by whipping off your bikini top from underneath (sorry full-piece girls) just while you go to the shop (yes, bare boobs underneath, it's only the beach), then popping it back on when you're back. Your dress will be dry and you'll have saved your post-beach look. 

The Beach Kimono

I feel like this is an influencer thing. As in, it looks good on the gram, but it may not translate to real life. If you can get away with it, go forth because it's flattering and covers up your back half, so we all feel comfortable. Also if you're in St Tropez, not Curl Curl, please by all means, buy a kimono for every day of the week!

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If you really must, use a towel, but I would prefer to go without a coverup at all TBH. Towels look best tied at the waist, hanging to the floor. Never tie the towel at your chest because it looks like you're at home just out of the shower, not dressed at all. A long towel isn't bad, especially if you're hanging out for a Calippo. 


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Or fuck it, just wear your swimmers, they look the best anyway!

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2 things that will improve your look post-beach

1. A wide brimmed hat

It's amazing how it can hide beach hair and make you look instantly chic. I take a Luxury body + hair oil to the beach and after rinsing out the saltwater, I'll rub a decent amount through my hair and then slick it into a low bun or let it dry naturally for moisturised beach waves. Swipe on a shade of lipstick and pop your sunnies on and you'll look positively glamorous. 

2. Flatforms

A little bit of lift never hurt anyone, especially if you're in said man-style-shirt, rocking your hat, shades and lippie. Who are you again? That's right, you're a QUEEN. 



Main pic: @oliviarink  


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Hi Sandra,
So glad you love it. Re girl in pink bikini, I think these might be her ribs? My husband has ribs that stick out like that and he passed them onto our daughter! Nedahl xxx

Nedahl Stelio

Love this post, love the man shirt, hat, lippie and sunnies look and love the 3 real sized women in the last photo. But why has the girl in the pink bikini got her boobs out below her bikini top???? Weird.

Sandra Cameron

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