Brush VS Sponge. What do makeup artists use?
August 13th, 2020

Brush VS Sponge. What do makeup artists use?

Don't know what to apply foundation with? We asked the experts, makeup artists Meg Guthrie and Michael Brennan. Both have been makeup artists for over 20 years and have made up the faces of every Australian celebrity between them! 

"I use a wet beauty blender and my fingers. I use a buffer (or stipple brush) to blend the whole look at the end, softening any lines or anything not blended correctly. I call it buffing your look. I then use a soft face moisturiser with my fingertips around the crows feet and cheekbones to keep it fresh and glowing."

- Meg Guthrie


"I find the best way to get a great foundation look is to apply it to beautiful skin. Looking after the skin and applying all the right moisture and treatment is critical.

For the foundation, I find it's a combination of brushes and sponges depending on skin texture. I love the brushes Rae Morris has for foundation application and great brushes to buff the skin to get that flawless look. I also like concealer to sit on the skin for a minute then spray with MAC setting spray and work it into the skin. I find this keeps the area from cracking and keeps it moisturised."

- Michael Brennan


Photo @ms_hannah_e

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