Business coach Alison Morgan's Energising Morning Routine
June 2nd, 2020

Business coach Alison Morgan's Energising Morning Routine

Alison Morgan is an online business coach at Relauncher, specialising in helping health, wellness, beauty and lifestyle businesses and also founder of Sticky Studio, a branding, content marketing, social media and website design studio. We spoke to the powerhouse about her stellar mornings. 

I wake up at 5 am

"My husbands description of me in the mornings: “You spring out of bed like you’re catching an international flight at 5am and on an urgent mission!” So funny … but true. 

I’m a morning person. I get up at 5am every day and exercise in our studio out the back. It’s pitch dark at that time, cold too! It’s the best way for me to start a productive day - otherwise I feel sluggish.

It's easier because

"If you stay in the routine of getting up early it makes it easier. It gives me a headstart on the day and also adds so much energy to carry me through the day. It’s harder in winter though! 
I go to bed at 10pm and fall straight to sleep, so I have a good amount of sleep each night."

The first thing I do when I wakeup

"I’ll go from dead asleep to standing up and putting on my activewear in the dark within the space of 30 seconds  - my alarm wakes me up. Then I brush my teeth.
I exercise with an app on my phone. I mix it up between Sam Wood, Rachel Finch and Downward Dog."
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My morning consists of

"Exercise, breakfast, coffee. I'm currently driving the boys to school instead of them catching the bus, at my desk by 8:30am. 
have a Nuzest smoothie each morning (addicted). 
I’m also on a huge amount of supplements from my naturopath to help with my gut."

Beauty routine

"There’s a lot involved … lol. In a nutshell, looking after my skin in vital. I use natural products with my secret sauce being serum. I find that serum really hydrates my skin and gives me a glow. 
I really look after my skin both morning and night and also enjoy the occasional face mask on the weekends.
I really love Yorak Hair and Andalou for hair products. I also often use a leave-in conditioner, especially during summer." 
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