4 Clean Beauty Swaps To Make Now
February 17th, 2021

4 Clean Beauty Swaps To Make Now


So you want to get started living a less toxin-filled life but you're not sure where to start. It all seems a little overwhelming right? But it needn't be. 

Here's how to decrease your toxic load, starting with your beauty routine. It takes a few simple swaps for maximum impact. 


OUT - traditional perfume

IN - clean perfume

Fragrance can be one of the most toxic things you'll every put on your body and it's in everything, from shampoo and conditioner to your laundry detergent to body wash and your skincare. Not to mention actual perfume you tend to spray directly onto your lymph nodes! 

It's also a self-regulated industry - the governing body who allows ingredients in the perfume are also the people trying to sell you perfume. So they allow all kinds of dangerous synthetics in there which have been proven to cause allergies, disrupt our endocrine system and also pollute the planet because most are "persistent" - as in, they hang around even when you wash them down the drain. They cause everything from head aches, weight gain and bad moods to worse things like reproductive issues and more. 

Swapping in a clean perfume will reduce your toxic load dramatically. 

Look out for brands that look natural but aren't (eg. Le Labo).

Always choose options that have "natural perfume" or "clean perfume" or "100% natural perfume" on the labels.



OUT - Body lotion

IN - Natural body oil and lotion


This was one of the first swaps I did because you put body lotion all over your body. That's a huge area of skin!  And I would slather body lotion a LOT. 

Be warned when swapping: check the ingredients. I once bought a body lotion from Dr Organics which you'd think would be toxin free, right? WRONG. Just because it contains organic ingredients, doesn't mean it has no harmful toxins in it. A quick google search showed me it had 6 ingredients that were rated over 6 by the EWG. That's a clear no go for me. 

Now I use Recreation's body + hair serum oil mixed into an all-natural body lotion. Look for 100% natural or 100% plant based or all-natural on the label. If you're still concerned, check the ingredients. Google the ingredient then EWG, and check the EWG page. 


OUT - Regular Shampoo

IN - Clean shampoo

People often forget their hair is skin also, but this is a big one. Think about how much you rub that shampoo into your scalp. A lot, right? Also, once you start using a sulphate-free shampoo (at the very least), you'll find a lot of scalp problems disappear. Flakes, itchiness, all that yucky stuff you've been dealing with your whole life. GONE. 

Look for products with no sodium laureth sulfate (sometimes referred to as SLES), parabens, PEGs, DEA or TEA. I personally also try and avoid silicones as they coat the hair like a plastic and don't let other actual moisturising ingredients even get to your hair. 


OUT - regular Moisturiser

IN - natural face oils or moisturiser

It's one of those products you leave on your skin all day and all night. It's not like cleanser that you wash off after 30 seconds (though once you start this journey you'll soon not be able to stand the drying effects of a regular cleanser either, that can be next on your list). 

Traditional department store moisturisers are loaded with chemicals and synthetic fragrance simply because that's how it's always been done. Since the 1950s.

So you could continue on that journey cause you don't think we've progressed scientifically in any way since the 1950s, or you can join 2021 and reap the benefits and better ingredients that have been discovered since then. Formulas have come a long way. Those moisturisers are usually filled with very cheap ingredients with the beneficial ingredients in very small percentages. 

Our Vibrant Skin face Oil has NO cheap filler oils, which a lot of those cheaper products do. So you might be paying less for a product but it won't do anything for your skin either, besides protecting your skin barrier. Vibrant Skin does that and feeds your skin hundreds of nutrients to smooth, nourish, hydrate and protect, all in the one product. 


Photographer @rebeccarun_ph 

Makeup artist: @cathytopolginmakeup

Model: @tahliadunn


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