Clear Skin Smoothie
October 22nd, 2019

Clear Skin Smoothie

You read correctly. Here's a smoothie to clear your skin, plump it full of nutrients to replenish from the inside and give you bare-skin-confidence. I have this most weekdays in the afternoon, before snacks, and I feel like it has made a difference. 

It's greens only with barely any sugar (just blueberries) so it's a very very low-sugar, dairy-free smoothie option you can drink every single day without worrying it's adding to your daily food count like some smoothies which are a meal unto their own. I don't add nut mylks either, I actually prefer coconut water, it's lovely and has a natural sweetness but doesn't raise your blood sugar quickly at all.

Also it's refreshingly delicious. 


Pop into a blender: 

- Half a cucumber or half a zucchini (zucchini makes it thicker), roughly chopped

- Large handful of baby spinach (you could do kale but I can't stand the taste. Baby spinach is much more palatable without a bitter taste)

- One large stick of celery, roughly chopped

- Half a cup of frozen organic blueberries

- Coconut water, at least half a cup but more if you like it thinner

- 1.5 scoops of collagen powder (I do Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides)

- 1 teaspoon probiotics (I do Metagenics Ultra-Flora Plus powder but you can do any good quality probiotic). 

Sometimes I'll also add Vitamin C, but I also do that on it's own. 

Blend and drink immediately. 






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