Get the look: @linhniller - and make it clean beauty
August 5th, 2019

Get the look: @linhniller - and make it clean beauty

We are loving this look on @linhniller. A short, sharp winged eye is complimented by natural makeup and a nude lip. She looks like she'd fit in anywhere with this makeup, from work to the footy or out at night. It's very understated and simple, but the eyeliner elevates it and makes it POP! 

Here's how to get it. 

1. Start with skin: A face oil will give you a natural glow, note she doesn't have highlighter, her skin is just naturally gleaming. Face oil can help you achieve this (also a ringflash light, ha! But you can't walk around with one of those). Choose a foundation that matches or is even one shade slightly darker. Whatever you do, don't choose a shade that is more pink or more brick toned. You want a golden hue. Not pink, not brick. Even coverage from foundation is what we are after. 

2. Concealer under eyes. Lots of people skip concealer. You shouldn't. It covers up last night's secrets and should be a non-negotiable. 

3. A cream blush dabbed lightly on apples of cheeks and swept just slightly up the cheekbones will give definition.

4. Define eyebrows with a brow gel.

5. Use a peach-toned eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer. This shade will suit every skin tone and is universally flattering. Try Jane Iredale's Pure Pressed eyeshadow in Allure.

natural perfume

It's clean eyeshadow and it's good. Sweep over eyelids with a small brush then use fingers to blend edges. If you have a gold highlighter, dab lightly under brows. But only lightly, you don't want to highbeam here. 

6. The eyeliner! Dr Hauscka make a great clean liquid eyeliner, or there is one at Mecca called W3LL People which is also a clean product. Great for eyes because lots of black eye products are made with coal-combustion by-products, phthalates, plastics, parabens etc and you're putting it practically in your eye which is why a lot of mascaras and eyeliners can cause irritation. Go clean in this area. 

The trick to liquid eyeliner is to hold the eye taut with one hand and draw with the other. Short strokes work better than one long line and practice makes perfect. Flick slightly up at the outside edge of each eye. Keep micellar water on hand to tidy any mistakes. 

natural perfume

7. Skip the powder, go straight to bronzer. Use a big brush and sweep at the top of forehead, along cheekbones and bridge of nose, then pop on your chin. 

8. Finish with natural perfume, obviously. You're not done till you smell gooooood. 


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