How I got rid of the bumps on my legs
September 12th, 2019

How I got rid of the bumps on my legs

All my life I’ve had tiny bumps on the back of my legs. Kind of like little ingrown hairs, they were everywhere on the back of my thighs. Eeeewww. Nothing got rid of them. In winter they got worse, and my legs got itchy too, I would be scratching all night. I figured it had something to do with the hair follicle becoming blocked after I shaved or waxed, and sometimes a good scrub helped with the itch but those bumps would still be there, year in, year out.

Then, in the testing phase of Glow Queen Glow body + hair oil (it took a year to develop into the formula we have today), I noticed the bumps on my legs began to disappear. Now, I’m not young, and I have been trying to do this ALL MY LIFE, and suddenly here was this product that I created - actually working! 

I tested it - I stopped using the product for a few weeks and the bumps came back. Now I can’t live without it, obviously! I still use a scrub and now I am bump-free.  

The other amazing result from Glow Queen Glow is that it transformed the skin on my shins from crepey to smooth. 

I never used to wear sunscreen on my legs, and after years of sun damage I noticed the skin getting crepey. It was basically just losing elasticity. But using this oil every day for about a month actually treated the area and now my skin is much more supple and springy than before. Seriously. 

I love body oils. They’re so much more moisturising, give your skin a beautiful sheen and Glow Queen Glow sinks into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. 

I’ve also used it as a dry spot treatment on my face. I have one spot just near my nose that can get scaly and dry. Nothing would help it and I was at my wit’s end, but this fixes it overnight. I don’t use it all over my face every day but as a dry spot treatment nothing beats it. 

And, this is a bit personal but it’s such a miracle oil you need to know - I even use it on my daughter’s bottom if she is red or spotty. It clears things up instantly and doesn’t irritate her at all, even very sensitive bits and even though it has our natural fragrance in it. Amazing what non-synthetics can do, right? 

Clearly, I’m now I’m a total Glow Queen Glow convert.  I use it every day all over my body and can honestly say it’s a miracle treatment oil that will help smooth your skin and give you amazing glowing, moisturised suppleness. All the Luxury Body + Hair oils are the exact same formula as Glow Queen Glow, they just have different scents. And I haven’t even gone into what it’s done for my hair! Next post :)


Note: that's not me in the picture! It's the beautiful Jax Raynor who is much better at illustrating this story. 

Photo: Chris Mohen

Hair & Makeup: Melanie Burnicle

Mermaid: Jax Raynor


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