How I got rid of the tiny bumps underneath my skin. AND decreased my pigmentation without a laser/needling treatment
February 20th, 2020

How I got rid of the tiny bumps underneath my skin. AND decreased my pigmentation without a laser/needling treatment

We've all got issues with our skin, right? I had started to get these tiny bumps underneath my skin on my cheeks. Sometimes they would come out in a blackhead and I could get them out, but most often they would just stay there haunting me. If I tried to get them out, I'd create a bigger problem (cue giant pimple because it had got infected from me picking). 

I already exfoliate daily, and that helps, but it didn't clear them completely and I don't want to overexfoliate. So when I was developing this Vibrant Skin face oil, it was a great opportunity to see how my skin reacted.

You would think that putting an oil on already oily skin would make it worse. But it didn't. This oil has ingredients which actually speed up cell turnover, and dissolve the glue in between the cells to help them along on their merry way. There are a few ingredients in here that do this:

1. Bakuchiol, which works like retinol to increase cell turnover and build collagen.

2. Sea greens, a seaweed + algae blend, just like the greens we eat except a million times better for you because they're in the ocean which is brimming with nutrients. This potent blend of sea greens also helps with skin cell regeneration, so while the old ones are shedding, newer ones are being created. 

3. Pomegranate seed oil and Watermelon seed oil help to unclog pores and promote cell renewal.

I now have NO bumps underneath my skin. If I get one, it's like, one every three months instead of 10 at a time, all the time.

It's a pretty amazing difference and one I noticed only after introducing Vibrant Skin. And that's just the start. 

It has also helped reduce my pigmentation. 

So, after having babies, like most women I got skin pigmentation. At first I went straight to the big treatments. Dermapen Microneedling, Clear & Brilliant laser, a few other treatments like that. And yes, they definitely helped. But my pigmentation kept coming back, every summer it got darker. I haven't done a big cosmetic treatment for a few years so it wasn't great. 

I had pigmentation around the high spots on my cheekbones near my temples and I also get this weird lipliner around my mouth. Like, literally as though I am wearing brown lipliner. Very strange. It gets way worse in summer. 

This year, however, I have escaped. My pigmentation is WAY lighter. Lighter than it normally is in winter. I have a very faint lipline but it's barely there - I can see it cause it's on me but I'm not paranoid in public anymore. It's a massive improvement.

Guys, I wasn't even trying to do this! It's just using Vibrant Skin for months. I haven't even needed to introduce a vitamin C serum which is the normal go-to for pigmentation. This is what I mean by it's an all-in-one product, I don't have time for a 12 step Korean skin routine!

One product. A billion fixes. 


NOTE: The girl in the picture is clearly not me :) It's a photo from @jodypachniuk instagram. Girls like in the picture are blessed with beautiful skin. I prefer to test our products on girls with real skin who have issues and see how it works in real life :)

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Hi lovely! We don’t do sample sizes for Vibrant Skin, but we do offer 21 day returns if you’re not happy with the product and if it’s only slightly used.

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Have u got sample sizes for the vibrant skin glow?would like to trial .


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