How to apply makeup to parched skin
June 4th, 2021

How to apply makeup to parched skin

Winter brings lots of good stuff - nice coats, long boots, and nights inside with warm apple crumble for company!

Other stuff that's not so good - dry skin, dry hair, and did we mention dry skin?

Here's how to treat your dry skin in winter so that it's not flaky and you can actually apply makeup without it patching off. GENIUS. 

1. Ditch dry cells

Nothing can go into your skin if there are dead, dry cells sitting on top. All skin needs a good exfoliation, and by that I mean chemical exfoliation. Winter can be a good time to give physical exfoliators a rest and experiment with chemical exfoliants which can be more gentle and even hydrate. 

I'm talking about lactic acid specifically. A gentle lactic acid solution suits almost every skin type and really makes a difference in skin tone after a few weeks. Work it into your routine and you'll soon see a smoother surface.

2. Add a Natural Face Oil

You know it! Nothing hydrates like a good quality, natural face oil.

But we don't mean greasy oils, cause nobody wants a greasy face.

You need a natural face oil with hydrating ingredients that sink in, not oils that sit on top.

You need a natural face oil loaded with fatty acids.

You need a natural face oil that helps to build your skin barrier.

In short, you need Vibrant Skin Face Oil

It's got 25 botanicals choc-full of antioxidants, fatty acids, lipids, anti-inflammatories, anti-microbials, hyaluronic acid and more to balance your skin beautifully. 

It will plump, hydrate and soften. 

It will give you a G L O W 

It is fabulous under makeup.

And Lord knows we all need that in every season, let alone winter! 


3. Moisturise

Normally I would say that our natural face oil, Vibrant Skin Face Oil is enough but this winter is freezing and particularly drying, so I would recommend a Moisturiser to double up on hydrating action. 

Depending on your moisturiser you either apply it before or after your face oil.

If your moisturiser is light - ie, oil free, no mineral oils, petrolatums or parrafins - you can apply it before.

If your moisturiser is heavy - ie, coconut oil, olive oil, mineral oil etc - you should apply it after your face oil.


4. Liquid foundation

I'm not a huge primer person, but if you are, feel free to add this step before foundation. But if you've prepped your skin properly you shouldn't really need a primer. Doesn't stop us wanting one though, so if that's you, go for it! 

The key with a liquid foundation is to choose a dewy one. This isn't hard. Most foundations are dewy, it's much more hard to find a matte one so with liquid, the Mecca is your oyster :) 


5. Cream everything

Forget powder blush, bronzer and even eyeshadow. Invest in pots of cream blush, liquid drops of bronzer and creamy eyeshadows to give yourself a dewy finish in winter. 


6. Brushes

Creamy makeup is good to apply with fingers as your fingers can warm up the products so they spread easier and glide across your face. 

Once on skin though, blend with brushes for a seamless finish and to get rid of any patchiness/lines, especially in creases around eyes. 


7. Tubular mascara

With all this dewiness you're creating, you need a tubular mascara so it doesn't slide under your eyes. Eye of Horus has a good one if you're wondering! 


Happy plump, hydrated face time ladies! xxx


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