How to clear buttne (and backne, and the pesky bumps on arms and legs)
July 29th, 2020

How to clear buttne (and backne, and the pesky bumps on arms and legs)

It can happen to the best of us. But getting smooth body skin is no longer a pipedream. Follow these tips for show-off-able, soft skin.


1. Check your diet. 

Always, first and foremost, it's usually an imbalance on the inside that is coming out in your skin. Are you overdoing dairy? Try cutting it out for six weeks and see if that makes a difference. For lots of women, it really helps not only with body bumps but adult acne too. If you go six weeks and it makes no difference then this is not your issue, but at least you'll know. 

Are you eating enough Vitamin A? This is especially helpful for those with bumps on upper arms and legs. Vitamin A is found in eggs, sweet potato and carrots, and dark green leafy vegetables like broccoli and spinach. Up your intake of those over the next few weeks and see if it makes a difference. 

Are you eating too much sugar? It causes inflammation in the body and stops a number of systems working at optimum levels so can really affect a whole lot of things, your skin included. 


2. Is your activewear giving you buttne? 

Quite possibly! Do you do a pilates class, then hang out in the same gear all day? Or are you the kind to wear the same gym gear for your workouts a few days in a row before washing them? You could be giving yourself buttne. 

The thing about activewear, as awesomely comfortable and amazing as it is, it doesn't let your skin breathe because it's not made of natural fibres. So when you sweat, even mildly, you're letting that sweat mixed with bacteria sit on your skin for long periods of time before showering or changing. 

Key takeaway? Shower after working out, and change into different activewear you can lounge around in all day! 


3. Dry body brush/Scrub

Exfoliation is just as important for the skin on your body. As much as, if not more than the skin on your face! The skin on your body is thicker and can handle more physical exfoliation than the skin on your face, so things like dry body brushing become super important.

If that's not your thing, a quick scrub down in the shower with a long handled brush and body wash does almost the same job, and if you're really keen, you can use a scrub every second day to really get the dead skin cells off and reveal newer skin underneath. 

Don't scrub so hard that your skin is raw, a light exfoliation is all you need every day. 


4. Treatment Oil

Follow that up with a body oil specifically designed to not clog pores but in fact speed up cell turnover while hydrating (hydrating skin is still super important, because it will just get oilier if you scrub it without replacing lost moisture). 

A natural body oil like RECREATION body + hair serum oil is designed to sink in quickly, hydrate deeply and not clog pores while it speeds up skin cell turnover with specially designed ingredients. We have received loads of reviews on this product doing exactly this! 

Anything too heavy like a heavy body butter will not benefit your buttne. But you still need hydration so you want a light oil.

Keep up this regime and honestly, you will see a difference in as little as a week. 


5. Chemical exfoliation

If you still need more help, a chemical exfoliant like The Ordinary's Glycolic Acid which comes in a big bottle and is cheap enough to use on your body, will help with speeding up that skin cell turnover and get your body breakouts under control. Don't overdo this step. Once a week at first, building up to twice or three times is all you need. 

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