How To Find Your Perfect Natural Perfume
March 18th, 2021

How To Find Your Perfect Natural Perfume

There are some brands that have a Perfume Finder. It's such a great way to match your scent with your personality. You can do our Find Your Perfect Perfume Quiz here

You can also match your lifestyle with your perfume. If you're an outdoorsy, active person, you might sway to citrus-y scents. If most of your life is lived after dark, in bars or at friends houses, you could be drawn to a musky, woody scent. 

Making the Switch To Natural Perfume

Don't expect to match your synthetic fragrance to a natural fragrance. 

Natural, clean perfumes are made from botanicals. Plant extracts and resins, essential oils, floral extracts, nature identicals. They are not made in a lab like most of the department store perfumes you will find. They're also a LOT more expensive to make because we're using real ingredients. Synthetics are much, much cheaper, so even all your big brands are getting their ingredients from the lab and they are cheap to make.

You also can't match some synthetic notes with natural notes. Some fruit for example, we are unable to extract from. And there's no natural botanical match for musk, which originally came from a musk deer but now most musks are synthetics (synthetic musks are also known endocrine disruptors and they are "persistent" meaning they keep their molecular structure even when you wash them down the drain, going into the oceans). There are botanical resins which are similar to musk, but if you are expecting that familiar, lingering scent which literally every synthetic perfume has, the one that hangs around for many many hours, that's going to be different in a natural perfume.


Choose scents you love

If you know you love gardenia, you probably know that a gardenia natural perfume is perfect for you. It's the safe option - choosing a scent you already know you love. You can choose something with notes you know that you've loved before, and it's very likely that you will again! 


Try something new

In contrast to the above, it can be fun to get out and try something different. Just because you really love rose scents, doesn't mean you have to stick with those for life. You might surprise yourself and fall in love with a citrus. Every scent is fresh and new and you just might love something unexpected. 


Sample sample sample

All fragrance smells different on different people. I find it even smells different if it's that time of the month! Hormones are crazy beasts. That's why it's best to sample perfumes yourself, on your skin. We sell a sample set with all of our fragrances in mini 3ml bottles, containing around 28 sprays in each bottle, so you really can get a good idea of what to buy.  


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