How To Layer Your Natural Perfume
April 14th, 2021

How To Layer Your Natural Perfume

Did you know you can get more of our fabulous clean scents out of one sample set? And when picking your favourite natural perfume from the sample set, you can actually make three and four perfumes out of only buying two natural perfumes? 

It's what we call "scent layering"

Here's how it works. Spray or roll your favourite perfume, say rose which is our CALL ME VENUS perfume. Then spray or roll directly on top of what you have just done, with a scent that contrasts, in our case, STARDUST - a woody scent. 


The last perfume you layer is the one you will smell the most, so if you love roses, layer CALL ME VENUS last, and STARDUST first. 

Here are some other natural perfume combos that work really well: 



The citrusy-figgy-sandalwoody SUN-KISSED is like a fresh burst against the warmth of florals and vanilla in THIS LOVE OF MINE.



It's that floral + woody combo that works so well together. Start with Stardust then spritz directly on top with Joyeux. 



The sweet tones of rose are given a hint of citrus with the SUN-KISSED sprayed directly on top of CALL ME VENUS.



White floral on floral! THIS LOVE OF MINE has notes of gardenia, jasmine and tuberose while JOYEUX has notes of peony and rose. Together they are a feminine floral dreamer's delight!


 This also works with our body + hair serum oils. Start by smoothing the body + hair serum oil in one fragrance all over body. Don't forget to add to ends of hair. Then spritz our natural perfume in a different scent on top of this oil. 

This kind of layering works in two ways, as fragrance always lasts longer if it's applied on well-moisturised skin first, so your scent is going to last better if you layer it over our body + hair serum oil. 

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My favs from the sample pack:

THIS LOVE OF MINE + JOYEUX smells amazing! It’s smells like I am sitting in the middle of an English garden, perfect for an outdoor function

CALL ME VENUS + SUN-KISSED – this one is going to be my go-to for travel, perfect for planes and other enclosed places, not too overpowering.

It’s going to be hard to pick two full-size scents!


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