Nicole Adolphe, fashion stylist. "What working out every day does for me"
January 29th, 2019

Nicole Adolphe, fashion stylist. "What working out every day does for me"



Head of Style at The Iconic, Nic also used to be the fashion editor at both Cleo and Cosmopolitan magazines which is where we met years ago.

She's a mum, she's super fit, she looks like THIS and she eats what she wants. How the EFF does she do it? Nicole has always been into working out, and I know first hand from going on walks with her that she is anything but leisurely. She takes life with two hands and is always enjoying it. Here’s how she stays healthy throughout a typical week.


Every morning, five to six days a week I do the Bondi to Bronte at a very fast pace. I walk for an hour - it doesn’t really matter what distance I go, as long as I walk for the full hour. If I’m going too fast and I get back quickly, I’ll throw in an extra hill or some stairs to make up the full hour. 

Then I’ll do a Power Living yoga class once or twice a week - it’s a pretty full on vinyasa yoga class in a hot room. I do that in the afternoon while my son is at school and then sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday. 

I get a babysitter on the weekend at some point for three hours, and during that time I do a one and a half hour surf and one hour yoga class. I used to do it both days on the weekend, so it would cost me $120 for babysitting but I think my exercise is worth it! Now that my partner’s back in Australia, I only need a sitter once a weekend.


Nicole at Bondi


I’ve also done yoga teacher training and taught yoga for two years. I love yoga because it helps relax my mind as well as work my body. I like a hard class because it stops me thinking about what work I have to do! I can totally tune out. I also think it keeps you lean and I never do weights because I don’t want to get chunky, but I think yoga creates lean muscle while helping me forget about my to-do list. I also love the challenge of getting into different poses. 

I’ve been surfing for at least 15 years, I had surf lessons at Let’s Go Surfing initially, and I’m still just average on a board but I love it. Throughout the week I try and go for three or four surfs in the summer, but less in winter. 

On Wednesday nights I do TRX training with TNT - it’s group training in his garage and my son waits for me watching TV on the ipad, or plays in the yard.  I love it because he does the balance ball and balance board which really helps my core, I needed help with my core after having a baby and a strong core also helps with yoga and surfing.

“I don’t exercise for results I exercise for FUN. If I don’t like the exercise I won’t do it. I like walking but hate running. I like yoga but I don’t like weights, so I try all forms of exercise but I believe you can only continue to work out if you enjoy what you’re doing. Then you can continue it for the rest of your life. That’s why I don’t diet. I enjoy everything in moderation and enjoy life.”



My diet is not really healthy but I think I make up for it with all the exercise. I believe in everything in moderation. There are no bad foods in my mind - I don’t deprive myself of anything. I’m all about what you eat within the week because I’m one of those people if I say I’m not going to eat any chocolate, I’ll immediately want it. 

Breakfast: Avocado on sourdough toast in the morning with goats cheese or feta and a freshly squeezed orange juice, plus a cappucino. 

Snack: Rice crackers or a greek yoghurt with fruit in it - a small tub from Harris Farm. 

Lunch: Usually a chicken salad. 

Snack: Some kind of cake - a custard tart or vanilla slice or ricotta cheesecake or an icecream like a Messina or a Gaytime. The best sweet thing I can find.

Before dinner: Cheese and biscuits like brie and olives with rice crackers.

Dinner: I don’t really cook. If I do, it’s a chicken schnitzel from the butcher with a salad, but otherwise it’s takeaway or a restaurant. I swap between chicken pad thai, a margherita pizza or the lamb skewers at Da’Orazio (my partner works there) or even McDonalds - the $1 hamburger or a McFeast with Fries and a caramel sundae. 

Dessert: Ricotta cheesecake, or something simple like chocolate.  


I’ll go out for a wine and a cheese plate with friends maybe two or three times a week and Jake come along with his ipad. I never got into the whole smoothie trend, I think they’re like loading everything you eat in a day into a meal. I prefer to eat food rather than drink it.

Nicole Adolphe handstand


I find that my morning walk is like a walking meditation - I go by myself because it’s the only time I have to myself all day. As soon as I get home I have to get my son dressed and ready for  school and will have people chasing me every second of the day. If I don’t go on my morning walk I feel frazzled.

Yoga also centres me by the end I slow down and have the answer to what I was looking for. 

I subscribe to and they send an email every day which is usually worth reading. I don’t hold grudges as it only affects me so I try to move on from anything negative.


I cleanse and moisturise with a really basic cleanser which is either Neutrogena or Clean n Clear it’s good for my oily skin. Neutrogena moisturiser with SPF15. I’m pretty low key when it comes to beauty. I don’t really wear makeup - I wash my face twice a day and then wear a Bourjois powder blush that I’ve worn it for years. That’s about it!  

Nicole Adolphe



My hair is a different story. I’ve got curly hair, and I get Japanese straightening once a year and then use a GHD on top of that to straighten it. I use a heavy duty anti-frizz hair mask every second day and a heat protection cream called L’Oreal Elvive Smooth Intense Heat Protect Cream 230 degrees. Then a gloss on top. A Redken Diamond Oil gloss. Because I’m in the water most days, I condition my hair every day and if I wash it I’ll always use a hair mask. 


I make sure I take my own metal water bottle everywhere, it keeps water cold and is good on shoots and for workouts. I buy cleaning products that are good for the environment and I take my own bags to the supermarket. I have to, I live in Bondi and they don’t have plastic bags anywhere anymore!  


My thing is making sure every day counts - this is the reason we’re living. I accept things and appreciate what I have, and know that this day IS the day. So I enjoy what I’m doing today. Whatever is happening now IS my life, I stop and enjoy the experience - whether it’s my son and boyfriend or being at that job or going on that walk.

Nicole Adolphe healthy

Interview: Nedahl Stelio

Photos: Chris Mohen

Nic is wearing Seafolly in the main image and Suboo throughout the rest of the shoot.

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