April 20th, 2022

Our Clean Perfumes As Cocktails. This Was Always Going To Happen!

Can you blame us? Our perfumes were BORN to be cocktails! Just look at their names! And our collab with the fabulous people at Ink Gin has just cemented it. 

Looking for a new cocktail? Look no further. Grab your Ink Gin (FREE with any purchase $89 or more) and start creating! Here they are, in all their delicious glory.


30ml Ink Dry Gin
10ml Chambord
5ml peach liqueur
30ml lemon sour mix
Shaken, strain in coupe glass



30ml Ink Dry Gin
15ml Pavan
15ml Apple juice
15ml simple syrup
Shaken, double strain in coupe glass



30ml Ink Dry Gin
15ml violet liqueur
5ml maraschino liqueur
30ml lemon juice
Shaken, double strain in coupe glass


Are these the best natural perfumes in Australia? Yes! 

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