Our Fashion Week collab: We Are Kindred X Recreation
May 14th, 2019

Our Fashion Week collab: We Are Kindred X Recreation

When Lizzie and Georgie Renkert from We Are Kindred asked RECREATION to create scented candles for their fashion show, we jumped at the opportunity. Even though we don't do candles. 

"We want to scent the whole room so that people walk in and it smells beautiful," said Lizzie to me. 

"I can do that!" I said. 

We created the candles in one of our signature fragrances, Jasmine + Neroli which is the scent of our Glow Queen Glow body oil, because Kindred is such a beautifully feminine label we wanted the candle to reflect that, and also have it smell like Spring, because it's their spring collection. Spring to me is jasmine. 

I wanted the candles to be big, because it's such a big room that we needed to scent, so we did 10 enormous candles all with our beautiful jasmine + neroli fragrance inside. It was such a gorgeous statement to start the show. 

Lizzie and Georgie loved them and the show was so pretty - what a wonderful experience to walk into a scented room for a fashion show! The collection was incredible and we were just so happy to be a part of it. 

You can get the fragrance right now in body + hair oil form - our Glow Queen Glow body + hair treatment oil is the ultimate in winter hydration WITHOUT greasiness. It's a dry body oil and will leave a silky sheen on skin and hair while giving that beautiful scent every day. So luxurious. 

Natural perfumes rock, obviously, didncha know? 


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