Q: How do I make clean home hair colour actually work on my hair?
December 12th, 2019

Q: How do I make clean home hair colour actually work on my hair?

A: What a good question! This isn’t easy. In fact I’ve been looking for a natural home hair colour for years that doesn’t make my hair go red or orange and that actually covers greys. But the case for home hair colour is a good one: I'm brunette, if I went to the hairdresser every time I needed to colour my roots I would be $90 out of pocket every three weeks. 

But it's frustrating. Because I use all natural colour, every time I did it I'd follow all the instructions and still would end up with stubborn grey tufts around my hair line that just refused to change Colour. It’s infuriating.

Even at the hairdresser, when I colour with Original & Mineral I can see a tiny bit of grey still peeping through. But will all the recent news linking hair dye to breast cancer (haven’t seen it? On a major news channel, click here) there is no way I’m going back to regular permanent hair dye. So I was determined to make it work.

In the end, I discovered the secret completely accidentally. One day when I was home hair colouring, I went outside to enjoy some time in the sunshine. The warm sun was right on my head and at the time I wondered if it would help process the colour, so I stayed out there for the whole time.

Well it worked. All my greys completely covered with The Shade natural hair colour. The next time I coloured, It wasn’t sunny so instead I sat blowing the hairdryer on it for the last 15 minutes. Again, it worked. So I found the trick! Heat. Proper heat on your stubborn greys actually helps process the colour better and makes the colour stick.

I use The Shade but I know that Original & Mineral are also launching a home product soon, look out for it.
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