Rich Girl Hair. Do you have it?
November 21st, 2019

Rich Girl Hair. Do you have it?

There's one thing in every girl's life we continually struggle with. Something huge, with enormous impact on our day to day. If it works, it can make us. But if it doesn't we're destined to a day filled with uncertainty and self-consciousness. We find ourselves making excuses. "I overslept," or, "It wasn't meant to be like this." But in the end we want to hide under a rug until it all goes away.

I'm talking about hair, obviously. What else can so illogically and irreparably change our mood? If it works, you're flying high, I've been known to go out just because I have good hair.

If it's rubbish – maybe you didn't have time to wash it, or it's gone all frizzy – you can guarantee we'll take the nearest thing that comes to hand (I recommend an elastic over a frying pan) and tie it back.


But now, hair is a bit more relaxed, isn't it? There's no more Victoria's Secret curling going on. The new hair has a name too, coined at Fashion Month by those blessed folk who spend way too much time on their locks: Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner et al. They've given us something new to strive for. Rich Girl Hair.

Yes, really, that's what it's called.

Rich Girl Hair is like, well, kinda like, well, like (incoherent speech with hairstyle optional) it's done, but undone. It's glossy with a slight kink in it. It's not beach hair, it's ultra-conditioned and glossy, and is meant to look like you just woke up like that. When actually, you spent hours in the stylist's chair to get the bend just right. In short, it's hair most women will have to practically work a miracle to achieve.

Hence the name: Rich Girl Hair.

And I want it. I want it bad.

Unfortunately, my hair is not the kind to defer to Rich Girl Hair. It's thick. Unruly. Has a mind of its own. My hair isn't having a bar of the in-between-kink-thing.

"Rich Girl Hair is all about how long you leave the curling tong on for," said hairstylist Anthony Turner at New York fashion week's Opening Ceremony show, "If you leave it on too long you'll get that precise curl, leave it on one second."

Somehow my hairdressers always do way too much curl, no kink in sight. My hair LOVES to curl and will do so when it even gets a glimpse of a tong. I try at home for hours. Okay, minutes, I'm not very patient. 

In the end I get so frustrated I shove it back in a ponytail (see paragraph two). For the whole day.

And wouldn't you know, when I take it out there's a bend in it. Right at the Rich Girl Hair mark. So there you have it ladies: a miracle, born out of pure frustration. It's just a pity I was going to bed and had to start the process all over again the next morning. Ready to give it a whirl?

Start with a nourishing hair oil like RECREATION's Glow Queen Glow to keep hair in excellent condition while styling because really, this look is all about a natural gloss on your hair.  

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