Shout Out To Our Favourite Female Founded Brands
March 8th, 2023

Shout Out To Our Favourite Female Founded Brands

As a female founder, International Women's Day makes me think of all the wonderful women I've met since starting RECREATION, and how unbelievably supportive and helpful everyone has been!

It's women helping women at its very best and it has been so pleasantly surprising and completely wonderful. We'd love to shout out these brands as a huge thank you. 

Next time you're shopping, think FEMALE FIRST. And give a woman a leg up. 

Lizzie Renkert - We Are Kindred

Goes all out and above to help others in the industry and share her vast knowledge of all things fashion and business. 

Melanie Burnicle - Beauty Boss Business

A make-up artist with a true entrepreneurial mind who started @themagap awards for her industry and beauty Boss Business, purely to help recognise and support others just like her. 

Gemma Watts - The Glow Journal

Supports and highlights female founders every week on her brilliant podcast The Glow Journal

Jose Bryce-Smith - Original & Mineral

Besides building her fabulous clean haircare brand, Jose is the first to help whenever advice is needed. 

First Base - Ali Cotton

Built an empire in First Base without any investment which is true feat. Not only that but she's one of the nicest, most supportive women in business I've had the pleasure of meeting.  

Kaaiaa - Leah Simmons

A true pioneer, Leah's Kaaiaa classes are absolutely lifechanging and she is making a difference to women's lives everywhere.

The Green Edit - Cathy Topolgin

Cathy started The Green Edit to support green brands which is almost solely female founders! Brilliant and supportive along the way. 


Libby Babet - @theupbeatbondi @beautyfoodbondi

One of the nicest women in business who is a true help and support and doesn't keep her vast knowledge to herself. The best kind of person. 

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