SketchShe's Madison Lloyd: "My Healthy Week"
April 1st, 2019

SketchShe's Madison Lloyd: "My Healthy Week"

Madison Lloyd is gorgeous. And she’s also bloody funny. She’s one third of the comedy trio SketchShe that she and her two friends Shae-Lee and Lana started three years ago. Two of their videos went viral - to date they have 45 million views and 30 million views on each - and they appeared on The Ellen Show and Good Morning America. I mean, talk about #bucketlist #goals! Here’s how Madison got there and how she keeps healthy.

Shoot for the stars

“We were lucky with the timing of everything. We went viral on Facebook when it was easier to go viral - thanks old algorithm - and it was right at the beginning of female comedians having their time.” Madison Lloyd

0-100 in 5 months

“We put together a pilot for a female sketch show, but we didn’t have a social platform at all. The feedback was for us to go and start on YouTube first to get traction. We did that in November and by March we had our first viral video and from there everything went from 0-100. Next minute we were chatting to Ellen and I was like, ‘where am I?’ I’d never even been to the States before. That was a real whirlwind and such a crazy experience, even if you’re working towards a goal you’re never prepared for something like that. Particularly those videos that went viral - we didn’t think they’d go viral!  

The hard yards

“We all had other jobs when we first met. I’d been working as an EA and then moved into marketing and I was getting back into modelling while figuring out what to do next. It was lucky we had those side jobs while we were building Sketchshe up. There comes a point where you have to go in 100% and it’s a big decision to make to go full time. I definitely know how to live frugally. Whenever we had a paid job we’d set the money aside. We filmed on weekends and our crew did us huge favours and lots of mates rates. Now it’s just SketchShe. We do everything from writing, editing, performing, socials and wrangling! When we do individual jobs we have the flexibility to do that and make our own hours. We’ve been fortunate enough that SketchShe has been able to support us for the last few years.  

Health philosophy

“I’ve moved to Bondi and I feel like I walk outside and just get healthier! It rubs off, I find myself casually rubbing up against people to get that organic health happening hahaha! In reality, I’m a big fan of balance - the you know, 80/20 which really is 60/40 or sometimes 50/50.  

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a bandwagon jumper. I see all the multivitamins half price and I’ll buy ten bottles and stick to it for about two weeks. But one thing I do stick to, and has been drilled into me by my ‘healthy friends’ is gut health, so that is big one for me. I love Kombucha, lemon water each morning and I take probiotics every day. I think if you find something you love and works for you, stick with it. I also take Zinc daily.

When I’m travelling I up my vitamins as my immune system takes a beating, I’ll also take Armaforce, and smash as much water as I can. 90% of the time I’ll also the hit the mini bar, but when I don’t, I hate to admit it but it does make a difference. I get very sexy elephant ankles when flying too so I’m the hot babe sporting compression socks on the plane.

Workout schmerkout

I wouldn’t say I have a strict workout routine because my schedule is so different every week, it’s hard to stick to specific classes. I’ve been doing group training with a PT and that is the one session I try and get to every week, it’s fun and I get to see my friends. It’s a circuit/weight training class outside. Sometimes I’ll train four times a week - sometimes none though!

I go for a lot of walks and listen to podcasts which is good for destressing, and I go through phases of yoga which is amazing.

I wouldn’t say I’m a fast mover. I’m not a runner, I avoid sweat if I can. I do like boxing though and will occasionally do that - it’s the one cardio thing I do like to do. I’m not a fan of the gym, I prefer working out outside. I’ve never been a ‘fit person’ and the thought of going into a Fitness First and hitting the gym floor gives me anxiety. Find something I enjoy and that’s what I’ll do. Madison Lloyd

Food talk

My diet varies a lot with my schedule. I don’t go into an office every day and eat a packed lunch. Also I don’t have a regimented personality so eating the same thing everyday doesn’t work for me. I usually skip breakfast as I’m not hungry in the mornings – I’ve been intermittent fasting and I find that’s helped my digestion quite a bit.

Around midday/1pm I’ll eat something breakfasty cause, well breakfast food is delicious - a smoothie bowl, or eggs with spinach and whatever veggies are in the fridge. I’m obsessed with spinach - it’s super healthy and conveniently tastes great. I’m partial to a snack, I love food and cooking for friends. The biggest thing for me with eating is the social aspect of it. I could never do a diet which restricts you from dining out. Your mental health is just as important as your body and eating with friends is a big part of that for me. Staying home and eating a celery stick would just make me sad.

Body love

“As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to accept my body as it is, instead of seeing all the faults I try to focus on how good it is to me even if I’m not being very nice to it! On the weekends I pretty much eat everything. During the week I try and cook for myself as much as possible. But when I’m out at events, I’m not going to hold back. Food is one of my favourite things. Depriving myself really is not an option. There are so many delicious healthy options out there too though and I’m lucky that I don’t have intolerances and can eat what I Iike.

I have tried cutting back on dairy and I do eat less of it now, particularly as it’s not great for my skin. I haven’t cut it completely but I limit it. Icecream is an exception obviously. If I’m doing smoothies I’ll use almond milk and I don’t eat a lot of yogurt or cheese. But if I’m out and there’s a cheese platter, I’m 100% going in. Madison Lloyd


I definitely love a good spicy margarita, a G&T or a great wine! I’ve never been someone that comes home from work and has a glass of wine. I associate it with social occasions and mainly drink when I’m out.”


“It sounds really lame but I actually like doing mindless activities - cleaning the house is a way I can switch my brain off. If I don’t have something to focus on my mind will wander. I’m also a big fan of making lists and put everything on them - Do the washing, hang out the washing, go to your gym class, call mum - that all goes on the list. I’m one of the world’s best procrastinators so lists help me stay on track and feeling purposeful.

Living by the beach has been a game changer, I can’t imagine life without it now and feel lucky to live where I do. The ocean is a big source of calm whether it be going for a swim or even just watching the waves. I’m an extrovert and love being around people but I’ve realised as I’ve gotten older I need more alone time, just to process things. Particularly if you’re social and there’s a pressure to keep that up, me time is important.” Madison Lloyd

Beauty talk

“I find with me, less is more when it comes to products. I get regular microdermabrasion facials and LED light therapy, they both work really well for my skin.

I get my brows done by Hannah at Benefit Cosmetics and she has literally changed my face - do not underestimate the power of a good eyebrow – or two even!

With my job I wear a lot of makeup, often on set it’s quite heavy, character makeup as well, so the biggest tip I have is to wash your face well. I use a natural oil to get makeup off or a face halo with water. Makeup removers and wipes don’t agree with me at all.

On days off I put as little as possible on my skin and also try and limit chemicals. I avoid toners, I hate them for my skin. Face oils are great - even for me who used to have acne and still has congested skin. At the moment I’m using jojoba, avocado and rosehip. I’ll use tea tree and frankincense oil too - it’s good for everything. I just slap it on any nasty spots and hope it makes me look fabulous by the morning. They have all the antis in them - it’s antifungal, anti inflammatory, anit-gross etc. I also like AHA exfoliator pads and have started to use a retinol as I’m getting…more mature.

Hair stuff

“I like to wash my hair as little as possible – hard when I’m swimming most days in summer. Especially being blonde, my hair can get dry and the more natural oils the better. I also avoid blow-drying. It’s about the things you don’t do as much as the things you do.

I’ll do a hair treatment once a week - I love Kerastase Resistance Masque Force Architecte. But my holy grail product is the Jonny + June Original Balm, I think I put it in nearly every day and it’s really improved the health of my hair. It does everything and it smells amazing! Big fan of dry shampoo also - it’s all about getting some volume in my hair! Madison Lloyd


Planet health

“I love glass and copper straws. I feel like I drink more water when I drink it through a glass straw! There’s something about the novelty factor that just gets me hydrated haha.

With the environment in general, I think you have to start somewhere. Even if it’s a small thing like recycling you have to start making steps to be more conscious. I’m all about the green bag and don’t use plastic bags. I also love a reusable water bottle and take them with me. In the US they use so many teeny tiny plastic water bottles on set, it’s horrendous, so bringing your own is really handy.

We also try and hire costumes as much as possible so you’re not continually buying the same things over and over again which does amount to a lot of waste.”


“My superpower would have to be going OTT on a theme or dress up. I’ve been known to make a full costume with only a hot glue gun, scrap of tulle, pair of twigs and a bag of diamantes.”


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