Summer skin rescue
January 6th, 2020

Summer skin rescue

Feeling tight and dry is one of those hallmarks of summer skin. Apart from lashings of body + hair oil and face oil, what can you do to increase the hydration levels and stop scaly, crepey skin? 



I know it's like a whole extra step in your routine and there is a lot of skin to cover, but daily moisturising really does help. Skin will be soft, hydrated and less likely to prematurely age if you pump it full of moisture. We love our GLOW QUEEN GLOW for this. Even adding it to boost your normal everyday lotion will help boost up the hydration levels and add loads of antioxidants to help with premature aging. We love using it on our decolletage on its own though - it's got super anti-aging marine algae and is loaded with antioxidants to help ward off gravity. 

Dry body brush

A vigorous brush before your shower with a body brush will stimulate circulation and send dead skin cells flying, helping to prevent ingrown hairs and leaving skin smoother and more receptive to your body oil. Your lotions and oils won't penetrate properly if they can't get through the dead skin cells first and as we get older, our skin's natural ability for cell renewal decreases (RECREATION's body + hair oils contains sea greens to increase cell renewal and help this process along too). 


If you are planning to be out in the sun your body needs a good SPF and even if not out in the sun, your face needs a daily SPF. We love Simple As That all natural sunscreen. It's a physical sunscreen that rubs in well, doesn't leave a white cast and is matte so won't leave your face greasy. 




Boost your dry body brushing with a scrub twice weekly for the body and the face, meaning all your serums and oils will penetrate deeper into the skin and actually do what their excellent ingredients are meant to do. Exfoliation will get rid of the dry skin that sits on top of all the good new cells underneath. 


A hydrating face mask can infuse moisturising ingredients into the skin and plump skin up even if it is temporary. Regular use will mean it stays plumper (is that a word?) for longer. 


A serum or oil containing retinol or bakuchiol (a phyto-retinol that doesn't irritate skin like retinol can) helps increase skin cell turnover which will allow your hydrating creams and oils to penetrate and stimulates collagen to help prevent inflammation and reverse damage to the skin. Look out for an exciting new launch from RECREATION containing bakuchiol soon. Bakuchiol can be used daily, but you might want to go slow with retinol building up from once or twice a week if you have dry or sensitive skin.  


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