Support Your Skin Barrier
January 20th, 2021

Support Your Skin Barrier

Want glowing, plump skin? You need a healthy skin barrier. 

What's a skin barrier? 

It's the outer layer of your skin, the stratum corneum, and is made of thick layers of skin cells that are held together by lipids, fatty acids and ceramides.

What does it do? 

It basically acts as a barrier! It keeps moisture in and protects skin from nasty bacteria, viruses and pollution. 

This is why we moisturise. Face oils work to strengthen your skin's own barrier so it can support itself. This is what Vibrant Skin Face Oil does. Conventional cream moisturisers support it by creating another layer barrier on top of your skin.

How can skincare disrupt your skin barrier? 

Toxic chemicals, harsh products, harmful ingredients and even over exfoliating can break down your skin barrier, causing irritation, pimples, rashes and more. 

This is why Vibrant Skin Face Oil is loaded with plant oils and a special sea greens blend containing antioxidants, fatty acids along with a patented lipid complex that mimics the skin lipid makeup of a 22-year old. We use ingredients that are compatible with your skin to work in synergy and build your barrier from the inside out. 


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