Sweet Potato Brownie recipe
December 2nd, 2020

Sweet Potato Brownie recipe

God this is goooooooood. Make it for Christmas!

I made it for my mum's birthday and it was a huge hit, your family will not be disappointed with the raw chocolately flavour. And you won't feel sick or bloated afterwards because obviously it's healthy as.

It's a win win.  

It's also goof proof - the sweet potato makes it so moist and fudgey, like a proper brownie should be. You can sub in coconut sugar or rapadura sugar if you want to be extra. Plus it's gluten-free, dairy free and vegan. 

Adapted from The Healthy Baker by Teresa Cutter.


500g boiled sweet potato, cooled and smashed (you can roast it if you're keen, but I threw it in a pot and it worked)

200g (1 cup) coconut oil, solid state

125ml (1/2 cup) rice malt syrup 

1/3 cup monkfruit sweetener (available at Woolies now!)

2 tsp vanilla extract

60g/1/2 cup raw cacao powder

300 g (3 cups) almond meal

3/4 cup chopped walnuts or macadamias or pecans


2 ripe avocados seed removed

1/3 cup monkfruit sweetener

60ml (1/4 cup) almond milk

60ml (1/4 cup) coconut oil

60g/1/2 cup raw cacao powder 

2 tsp vanilla extract

Pinch of sea salt


Preheat oven to 160 degrees celcius

Mix sweet potato, coconut oil, rice malt syrup, vanilla, cacao and monkfruit in a food processor

Process for 2-3 minutes until smooth and creamy

Add almond meal and mix for another minute until combined. 

Manually stir through chopped nuts of choice until just mixed through

Spoon into a 30x20cm lined baking tray, smooth out top

Bake for about 45-50 mins

To make icing

Combine icing ingredients in a high powered blender for 2 mins until smooth and creamy

Spread over the top of brownie

Decorate with fresh raspberries or coconut flakes if you want it a bit more Christmasy!

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