Switch Up Your Skin Scent Wardrobe
September 7th, 2022

Switch Up Your Skin Scent Wardrobe

A new season means a new natural perfume, of course! With Spring in the air, warmer weather on the way and the promise of blossoms lining the streets, it's time to start thing about switching your clean perfumes to a lighter, brighter fragrance that will take you through the sunny months. 

If you're starting to think about getting your skin ready to bare after winter and are lusting after all the dresses, skirts and shorts suddenly appearing in shops - actually shorts are still a bit scary, we'll stick to long dresses for the next month until we ease into it! - naturally what follows is a new, lighter perfume that will go with your new, lighter clothes.

There's a whole checklist we follow to get spring ready, and changing fragrance is the change that most affects your mood. Get out of that heavy, home-bound, winter mindset and into something more vibrant. 

Here are our scent swaps that will make an instant change to your outlook and get you out from the darker, headier scents like ouds, woods, deep musks and heavy smoke and leather based fragrances and into lighter florals, sunny citrus scents and much lighter musks. 


By trying our SUN-KISSED clean fig + citrus perfume. The non-toxic way to fragrance your body it instantly brings freshness to any situation and also, having actual citrus notes it, really lifts your energy. I love using it in the mornings to clear my mind and get me ready for a big day. 


By trying our JOYEUX peony/tuberose/jasmine perfume. Joyeux literally translates as Happy, and there is no better instant-mood-lifter than these sweet floral notes. It dries down with a sandalwood and musk, but they are a lot lighter than a winter fragrance would be. This perfume is all things light and fresh. 


If you're into that warm leather smell over winter you'll love the transformation you get when you switch to our CALL ME VENUS rose perfume. Literally like wandering through a rose garden and inhaling all those beautiful blooms. This clean perfume will instantly make you feel beautiful. 

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