Taline Gabriel: How to Stay Healthy At Home
April 7th, 2020

Taline Gabriel: How to Stay Healthy At Home

This iso thing is affecting us all differently. What can help is seeing what other people are doing to cope and possibly pick up any tips on handling it.

Here's how Taline Gabriel is doing.


I take a walk and ocean swim in the morning, and follow up with yoga in the afternoon at home. At the moment, I’m doing lots of restorative yoga with long-holding postures in yin to help calm my nervous system.


I’m eating as I do  normally - lots of good fats, seeds and veggies, fish and pulses - and some extra supplements like zinc, magnesium, probiotics and gut-powders in my smoothie.

Healthy mind

I meditate and swim in the ocean. Both practices help me rebalance and centre.
I am off social right now, I feel like it’s too much info, as is the news/ media. I just watch the main headlines and move on. I am reading a lot right now, books that support my mindset and have been watching a movie a night!

Healthy gut

I take gut healthy powders that help in supporting the gut lining, as well as populating my gut with all the good stuff. I’m mindful of the gut / mind connection - and with stress, it becomes more urgent, so I’ve upped the game in that area. I drink lemon / water every morning and take a short apple cider shot before dinner.
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I've had a list of ‘watch later’ movies that have bene accumulating on my Netflix list that I have been finally getting around to watching. I love international films for their depth and dose of culture, and have been engrossed.


I love Oprah’s super soul sessions podcast - her guests inspire me. I have a meditation/yoga playlist that is on most of the day - on and off the mat!

Healthy hacks

1. Spend time in sunlight, even if it’s on the porch or through your window.
2. Breathe - do a 5 min deep belly breathing exercise - and spend some time in super easy and comfortable restorative poses on the mat.
3. Drink water and use this time to get some rest.
4. When you want to stimulate yourself, read or exercise.
5. When you do want to allow in external stimulus (ie. social or news), choose wisely.
We'd love to hear what you're doing to cope! Let us know in the comments. 
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