You've Been Applying Your Perfume All Wrong 💕
August 25th, 2022

You've Been Applying Your Perfume All Wrong 💕

How To Try Our Samples And Get The Most Out Of Our Clean Perfume

Have you been testing natural perfume all wrong? When you get our perfume sample set it's tempting to spray all the scents at once, but that's going to overstimulate your brain and confuses your sense of smell. 
Here's how to do it  r-i-g-h-t.
1. Stick to the golden rule: Only spray one fragrance per day. If you try more than one at a time, your brain gets overstimulated and they will all smell the same. 
2. Spray once on stomach and once on solar plexus - the fragrance will warm up and travel upward. Then one spray on your wrist. Three sprays max or your brain gets overstimulated and stops smelling! 
3. Remember the other golden rule: don't spray perfume anywhere from your neck up. Again - your brain gets overstimulated and you won't be able to smell it. 
4. Don't rub wrists together! You'll squash all those lovely top notes. Wave arm around to dry off the alcohol instead. 
5. Make a gin and tonic! Add extra ice! Put some music on! Sip slowly, enjoy the process. 
6. Take a deep inhale, no shallow breaths. 
7. The sample sets are designed to find you a natural perfume. Like one? Fab! Like more? Excellent! 
8. Mix two scents together to create your own unique clean perfume. 
9. Perfume comes in stages: top notes, heart notes and base notes. Your perfume will change over the course of a few hours. 
10. Do not, we repeat, do not be tempted to spray all the perfume samples in a short space of time. Your brain can't deal with this much stimulation. One per day. 
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