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Love this perfume

Such neat little pack to try and I love them all. A great starter.

Don't make the same mistake I did

This company is ridiculous. Don't buy the Discovery Set.

NSW, November 2021 - I ordered the testers pack and instantly fell head over heels for This Love of Mine. This was going to be My Scent. The gardenia and jasmine transported me back in time to when I stole a sniff from my grandma's gardenia perfume oil. I had spent decades hunting for a similar scent. I gave the rest of the testers to my mum since I wasn't a fan of the other scents. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I forgot to order the full-size.

Fast forward to March 2024, I have moved to FNQ and Facebook ad had reminded me of Recreation once again. This was it, This Love of Mine sat in my cart and the mouse pointer hovered on the Checkout button. But Undone had been released since the time I got the testers pack. I don't know what that smells like and what if I like Undone better than This Love of Mine?

So instead of full-size This Love of Mine, I bought the Discovery Set as it included the new Undone. JUST IN CASE.

The new Discovery Set arrived in no time. I unceremoniously tore open the packaging and greedily sniffed all the scents for fun, leaving This Love of Mine until last as the favourite.

What is going on? Why am I gravitated towards... Sun-kissed? Confused, I decided to wear Sun-kissed for a day to prove to myself that I was mistaken and I could not possibly prefer it over This Love of Mine. By the end of the day, I was still in love. This cannot be. I resolved to sleep on it to clear my head before I decide on which full size scent to buy.

The next day I sniffed Sun-kissed again and when I tell you my heart SOARED! No! I must give it a little more time. I must still be confused. Luckily, the Discovery Set allows me 3 weeks to decide before the $20 credit toward a full-sized scent expired. I needed to test myself. I grabbed Call Me Venus and sprayed. I historically dislike rose scents.

IMPOSSIBLE. A tug at my heart from a ROSE scent?? Maybe the difference in climate have something to do with my changing preference? Maybe I was having a stroke?

I spent the rest of the coming weeks going back and forth between scents, having a midlife crisis as I obviously didn't even know who I was anymore.

Now it's April 2024 and I had just purchased full-sized Sun-kissed and Call Me Venus, and travel-sized This Love of Mine.

Don't buy the Discovery Set. It will give you an identity crisis and empty your pockets. You have been warned.

Love this perfume!

The only perfume that doesn't give me headaches

Perfect sampler

I am very pleased I decided to purchase the Discovery set. The fragrances I have tried so far are beautiful and I have no negative reactions to them. I look forward to trying the other fragrances and figuring out my top favourites. The unisex fragrances are perfect for my teenage son too.
Thank you for the care and love you have taken to create these beautiful products - it is very much needed in today’s highly toxic environment.

Beautiful perfumes

I actually loved them all but my favourites are Undone and At Night We Dance. Will definitely order a larger size when I finally make up my mind🥰


At night we dance

The most beautiful smell always get compliments on it

Fantastic sample set

I was so excited to be able to try these fragrances before I invested in an expensive bottle, I am very sensitive to fragrances, even natural alternatives. I have been pleased to find 3 that I really like that don't affect my allergies. 100% recommend ordering this set and finding your favourite scent. absolutely adore undone and at night we dance.

nice although not my style

I can tell it is a nice fragrance with interesting scent layers but it's not quite me, I just don't personally vibe with this one but it is clearly the same clean and quality fragrance you would expect from Recreation Bondi so I'm still giving it five stars but will just stick with my favourites of Stardust and At Night We Dance from now on and will pass this one on to a friend to try

Fantastic face oil!

I've tried many face oils and serums for my 50+ skin, and have finally found the perfect one! Not too thick or greasy, smells really nice and absorbs well, leaves the skin feeling soft but not shiny. In the morning it's all I need, in the evening I apply before a night moisturiser. Highly recommended!

Finally a natural perfume I LOVE!

Love this so much, I bought one for my Mum too.


Love this discovery set! There are so many different fragrances and it’s so great that this set gives you the opportunity to trail smells that you wouldn’t normally think were for you.

Paradise Dreams

They are all so lovely but I do have a is my secret though.


Reminds me of "At night we dance" but just a touch more feminine, love it!

This love of mine, Joyeux

I absolutely love love love these scents!
They last all day and they smell beautiful. Initially I was nervous about buying fragrances online but I’m so glad that I decided to try these out. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and hormonal issues I was so sad to have to stop wearing perfume forever because of all the chemicals and endocrine disrupters but I can now smell so good with these. Love it!


Love it

Beautiful feminine scent

Great little set

This was so handy to find out which scent I liked most. Each little bottle has enough in it to spray it a few times to see how it goes over a few days. I didn’t like all of the scents but ‘This Love of Mine’ and ‘Joyeux’ are very pleasant.

Beautiful 🐈‍⬛


Am loving all these fragrances !

this Love of mine eau de parfum

perfect and very light

Love love love

I get compliments every time I wear your perfume

Not long

My daughter bought me sample pack but I only have 3 weeks to pick a scent to use the $20 voucher I just don't think it is long enough

Hi Gail, thanks for your feedback! If you need more time after the 3 weeks is up, please email us and we'll sort it out xx

UNDONE 2.5ML - Aus Only

Absolutely surprised by this perfume.

Beautiful, floral and fresh fragrance

Ordered the discovery set and a few fragrances really stood out. I picked This Love of Mine as a daily perfume, lovely fragrance, smells really feminine, floral and fresh. Not overpowering though which is why I picked this one. I also bought Undone as a more sophisticated fragrance for nights out.