FAQs | Recreation Bondi Beach

Q: Are all your products natural? 

Yes! You won't find any synthetic fragrances or any chemicals in any of our products. Our products are free from phthalates, parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, petroleums, siloxanes, DEA, PEGS, BHA, BHT. 

Q: I'm allergic to perfume, can I use your products? 

A:  We've tested our fragrances on a number of people with perfume allergies who have NOT had any reaction, however - You're a unique unicorn! Please purchase a tester first to try it out on your skin. Because our fragrances are not synthetic and have no synthetic ingredients, you are LESS likely to have a reaction as reactions are usually caused by the synthetics and chemicals, not real fragrance.  

Q: Are your perfumes safe during pregnancy? 

A: Thankfully our perfumes are free from phthalates which can disrupt the development of male reproductive hormones and will also up your sensitivity to headaches. None of our products contain essential oils which are harmful to pregnant or lactating women. We always recommend you checking with your doctor before using any products however. 

Q: What's the best body oil to use during pregnancy? 

Our GLOW QUEEN GLOW body + hair oil is amazing to help prevent stretch marks, increase skin elasticity, increase cell turnover and help strengthen skin while it's being stretched to the limit. It's been specially formulated to be extra safe while pregnant - all of the oils used in the scent are safe to use while pregnant - however we'd still recommend you check with your doctor before using.