Do's and Don'ts of Testing Your Natural Perfume Sample Sets
May 5th, 2021

Do's and Don'ts of Testing Your Natural Perfume Sample Sets

So, you've bought the fabulous sample pack of clean perfumes from Recreation Bondi Beach, now what to do? 

Inside you will find mini bottles of natural fragrance. They look small but they pack a punch, with 28-30 sprays of clean perfume inside each bottle. 

The sample sets are there for a few reasons. We'd love you to try our natural fragrances. Especially if it's your first time with natural perfumes - they smell different to synthetic fragrances which is what every other fragrance (or 99.9% of them!) is available in department stores and Mecca and Sephora. Yes, they are synthetic unless they specifically tell you they are natural perfumes. 

So you need to give your olfactory system a little time to get used to a clean fragrance because they are different.

We don't use phthalates, which act like a plastic and make scent stick to skin in synthetic perfumes, as they are the most harmful to the endocrine and reproductive systems and as they are found in almost every other perfume, you might wonder why our fragrances don't last as long as your off-the-shelf-Chemist-Warehouse-perfume.

Anyone who's ever had fertility issues or general weight issues or mood issues or auto-immune issues should be concerned about phthalates. That would be all of us then! 

We recommend testing our natural fragrances one at a time. Don't spray one, then spray another, then another then another. The whole point of fragrance is to take in the notes, let it settle, take them in again, and decide whether you want to wear it or not. 

Once you have tried each natural fragrance with plenty of time in between them (morning and night is good, or a whole day each!), you can then start experimenting with layering natural scents on top of each other. Click here to read how to do that with Recreation Bondi Beach natural perfumes. 

If you like one, fantastic! You have found a lovely natural perfume you can spray to your heart's abandon! If you don't like any, that's fine. You might just need a little more time to get used to natural notes rather than synthetic ones. Good luck with your olfactory journey. 

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Thanks for the information regarding laying and trying natural perfumes. 💗


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