Look we're loving: @_lilikoi

Look we're loving: @_lilikoi

She is totally channelling all our freedom dreams on her Insta. Particularly this mermaid-sent-from-the-deep shot. We can just imagine her scooping up that shell from the bottom of a sandy seabed as she swishes past with her (pink? blue?) fishy mermaid tail. 

To get this look: 


Exfoliate and mask depending on how much time you have, and then serum/oil. And massage the oil into your skin, don't just slap and go (I see you, skincare-rushers!). Take 30 seconds to give yourself a nice rub under the cheekbones, along the jawline, around the eye area (depending on what product you're using) and pat softly on skin all over your face. There, doesn't that feel better? You've just created better circulation, got the blood moving and the lymphs draining. Leave this to sink in for at least a minute. 

2. This look is all about letting your natural beauty shine through, so go light on the foundation. Start from the centre and only put where you need it. A CC cream would be even better, with added concealer on patches where you need more coverage - under the eyes, around the nose, on spots. 

3. A cream blush is essential. Pat lightly on apples of cheeks, and keep patting. Still keep patting. More patting. Okay now evaluate and only dab more on if you really need it. Then dab the same colour lightly onto lips. 

4. Loving the no mascara look. Perfect when you're a mermaid and don't want black panda eyes after a swim.  


This is really all about the condition of your hair. The best advice for healthy hair is to use all natural products with no silicones or sulphates or drying alcohols. Have a look at the first few ingredients in your hair styling products. Does it contain alcohol? That's immediately drying, unless it's a natural alcohol or a fatty alcohol. Does it contain silicones? Also drying, even though it will seal ends in the short term you'll end up having to go shorter and shorter with your hair to compensate for the dry ends. What about sulphates? They give your scalp the flakes. Ditch them immediately. Use oils. On your hair. All the time. Glow Queen Glow body + hair serum oil is the best for this. Weightless shine and a natural finish. 

Look! That's only a four step routine. Kind of. Now glow, you good thing. 

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