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Just beautiful

Such a beautiful scent I love it, my partner thought it was lovely also so a win win
Will definitely look at purchasing again

Great value

It made sense to me to grab the three rollerballs instead of just the one, so I purchased the 3 scents I thought I would like the most; Joyeux, This love of mine & Sun-kissed. They only had Joyeux available in a spray, so I grabbed that anyway & am glad I did! While the rollerballs are handy for the car, handbag etc., they don’t really have the same coverage as the spray. I’ve already had complements from people & I love all 3, though This Love of Mine would have to be my fav-that gardenia smell! 🥰 will be buying more for certain!

Sample Set eau de parfum
Sandra Espinoza

Yes I made up a word and will continue to. The scentual, scensations found in the pack made my ofactories feel simply scentillating.
Love three of these scents and will be difficult to choose my new every day aroma.

Love this word! xxx

Not sure yet

I’ve tried a few of the samples -still working through them. And trying my own blends. I do like them but find the scent doesn’t seem to last as long as I’d like.

Sample Set eau de parfum
Lorraine Catalano
Heaven scent

I truly loved all of them. It was very difficult to choose a favourite so hey I just had to buy three


I find this scent exotic, a standout, one that does not give me any headaches which is liberating finding a perfume with these qualities

Smells beautiful

I wasn’t sure whether I would like some of the smells, but blown away how individual fresh and different they are.

sample set plus 50ml gift card

The sample set is really nice because it gives you the chance to try out all of the fragrances so you can find your favourite one and use the gift card to purchase it - I have 2 favourites Stardust and this Love of mine - I will purchase both full size bottles of these as they are beautiful

Love the scent

Joyeux is such a beautiful flowery scent!

Worth it!

The scent is beautiful and clean, not overpowering and does not give me a headache like other perfumes! This is now my regular and I’ll be buying more scents I loved from my sample set.

Sample Set eau de parfum
Medhurst medhurst

Sample Set eau de parfum


I actually bought the set for me to get my very own scent that’s different to everything else on the market and without all those added chemicals. But the next thing I know, my two daughters are also in love with the set and trying them out to decide what theirs will be! On the bright side, I know we’ll end up sharing, this makes it a bit easier to decide which one because we’ll be choosing our top 3!


It is so gratifying to use a beautiful perfume that is chemical free & is fragranced with amazing natural essential oils.

Sample set

Received in a timely manner, the scents were amazing, was easy to order from this site.

Sample set

Loving scents and the opportunity to sample them all.


Such a beautiful fragrance, my absolute favourite 💕


I had to get the 50ml of the 'this love of mine' fragrance because I was nearly out of the smaller travel one, I absolutely love it so much. It's really great knowing that I can use perfume that won't impact my hormones negatively.


I bought the sample pack and loved this scent it reminded me of my time in Turkey and Dubai. It’s a fabulous summertime perfume. Absolutely love this and will buy it again along with At night we dance and Stardust.

My new favourite weekend fragrance!

This perfume matches with how I’d like to live everyday, free & curiously exploring the natural world. It has the hint of blossoms while also offering a tantalising citrus scent that is stopped from becoming too cloying by the subtle woody undertones. I have been looking for natural perfumes for a number of years that I could rely on to have some staying power (although I may apply again late in the day if I am out and about for the evening) and these perfumes absolutely deliver.


I purchased TWO sample packs and my partner and I have deliberated: STARDUST FOR HIM and SUN KISSED FOR ME hands down. I'll be purchasing a bottle of each and take advantage of the generous $20 voucher...for which the purchaser has 3 weeks to use from sample purchase date.


Beautiful warm florals

I didn't expect to fall in love with Joyeux, but when I tried the sample pack it became my absolute favourite!

To me this scent is the start of spring after a long winter, when you get the first whiff of flowers blooming and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. On me, it starts out as heady Jasmine and mellows into an almost spicy floral garden. The warmth lingers beautifully, I pick up wafts of it throughout the day and it's just delightful.

I have a very fussy nose, and there's not a single point after spraying Joyeux where it feels discordant. This is now my everyday perfume.

Side note, it layers beautifully over At Night We Dance rollerball oil!

Awesome set, great value!

These oil perfumes have great staying power and are perfect for scent layering. At Night We Dance is amazing as an oil (I prefer it to the EDP)!

The ladies at Recreation were happy to do a swap of one of the scents for me when I placed my order, too. If you're like me and just want ALL the perfumes after trying the sample pack, this is a great way to go without breaking the bank.

Fantastic set!

This little set of samples was just perfect. It helped me decide which perfume was right for me; surprisingly the ones that settled nicely on my skin weren't the ones I would have purchased based on their description! It was also handy to be able to try them a few times, as the scent changed throughout the day.

I've since purchased 2 full sized bottles (Joyeux and Venus) and the triple pack of roller oil perfumes. The ladies I spoke to at Recreation were very helpful too. I'm grateful to have had the ability and time to try these in my own home rather than buying on impulse!

What a great idea!

I loved this concept. You get to try them all before you truly commit to your signature scent. I’m a Sun Kissed gal all the way! Devine!

Great Variety and Peace of Mind

I found it so comforting to be able to purchase this sample set and have a great range of different scents and being able to wear them multiple times to really get a good ‘smell’ to make sure you are confident in the scents you want to purchase again. And while I wasn't a fan of the musky perfumes my mum loves them and I was able to pass them onto her to enjoy and now she wants to get them herself.
And I will be using my $20 off voucher to get a bigger size I also know what other ones I want to add to my collection.
Such an exciting purchase.