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Great to try all the scents

It has been so fun wearing a different perfume every day to find my fave. I have fallen in love with both Sunkissed and At Night We Dance and it's almost impossible to decide which to buy in the larger size!

Surprisingly Subtle

I love how this smells and that I don't get anyheadaches from this product!

Perfect sample love them all

Beautiful scents, will find it hard to pick my favourite! Great idea to have a sample box.

Appreciate the chance to try

I've been making my way through the scents for the past week and have found it a really valuable exercise. I wish that the coupon lasted longer as I'd like to test the ones I like the most on my skin over the course of at least one full menstrual cycle before pulling the trigger.
The little spray capsules are a fantastic innovation. It is a shame about the waste of all that packaging, which is all too small to recycle effectively; I wonder if there's a way to send them back to RB for recycling or reuse?

Really good idea! Must try!

This is a great idea to enable you to engage in the full range of fragrances. They are truly lovely, which makes it hard to pick just one, so be warned!


I absolutely love & highly recommend this perfume. I have been looking for a natural perfume that I like for a long time & am so glad that I tried the sample box. I have now found several with Joyeaux & Stardust being my first choice but I honestly love them all!

Amazing way to find your perfect scent/s.

I have purchased three of my favourites from this sample set. What a great way to play with mixing the scents and finding your favourite

Luxury Skin Oils

Sample set of mini oils are the best way to first experience the range. Loving the Vibrant face oil, skin is so soft and after 2 weeks I notice how clear my skin looks.
I have now purchased the full size.

Beautiful smells

I am enjoying my samples and really can’t work out which my favourite is. I am leaning toward ‘This Love of Mine’ but then again ‘ Joyeux’ is tempting me. Difficult decisions!

Can’t decide which is my favourite

I’m so glad I got the sample set - no regrets! I do love them all but I’m pretty certain This Love of Mine is the one for me!

Just received mine Will let you know after using for 2weeks

Sample Set = LOVE!

Such a lovely idea to have the sample set. I enjoyed testing all of the different smells. I narrowed it down to 3 and then FINALLY decided on one winner. At Night We Dance is my winner, but it was a very tough choice. Love the product and what they stand for. Thanks so much! I'm happy to support. xo

Perfume sample pack.

So good that now I can’t choose which scent I like the best!

Love Love Love At Night We Dance

Trialled them all then purchased my no.1 favourite which arrived beautifully packaged and smells divine. At Night We Dance - I’ll be wearing it all day and night x

Sample Set eau de parfum
Sheryl Phillips
Sample set favourites.

I have to say I was sceptical at the start but I was soon won over after “You smell nice!” comments. My favourites are This Love of mine and Joyeux. These are followed closely by Call me Venus and At Night we Dance. I’m heading to the shop right now to purchase a bottle or two.

I love them so much I bought another 3 as birthday presents

My favourite scent is Sun-Kissed because of the fruity fig scent balanced by the fresh clean citrus scent. I love the reaction from my friends who have received their samples already. Such a great gift idea!

So beautiful!

I received the sample set a week ago and just loved most of the fragrances. It was so hard to decide which was my favourite. I finally settled on Stardust. The fragrance is so musky and so divine. Family and friends are trying out the samples too 😀

Luxury Body + Hair Serum Oil in THIS LOVE OF MINE, 80ml

Best way to try

What a great idea. Best way to find what suits me. Only trouble they all smell beautiful.

Joyeux perfume



Of course I tried them all at the same time!! But am now loving This Love of Mine. I love gardenia and am delighted to have stumbled upon this. 👏👏👏

Perfume Sample Set

A great way to trial the 6 different scents

Love them!

It was great to try them out to find out which scent is the bets one for me.

Beautiful Products

Sample pack gives a decent amount of product so each product can be tried a few times. Actually had trouble deciding on what fragrance l liked best as a liked a few, finally deciding on Stardust as l love the smell as soon as applying it. Sample pack is a fantastic idea, try before you buy. Love how its cruelty free, clean and Australian made.